Other Details

Taipei, September 30, 2016

Hospital:  Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei

Accommodations:  KT Apartment / KT Star
Church:  Suanglien Presbyterian Church

We are currently having our treatment in Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei as recommended by our OB in Manila.  Our doctor is recommended by a friend who has successfully undergone IVF here.

Trivia: We were pronouncing Mackay as “Mac – K” (rhymes with “ray”)  until we got to Taiwan for our initial assessment.  Most people we talked to here say Mackay as “Mac-kay” – rhymes with “pie.”  🙂

If you are considering treatment in Mackay, you may simply email them at mmhimsc@mmh.org.tw on how to go about the process.  They respond quickly and answer all my questions in a very detailed manner.  You’ll be asked to fill out a form for your infertility treatment history, schedule an initial assessment in Taipei upon reviewing your form, and submit documents like valid IDs, marriage certificate, infertility-related examination results, and others.

I’d rather you email them than me posting the email contents here, as the hospital’s processes may change.


Accommodations:  KT Star  / Kee Tai Service Apartment
No. 8, Nong-an Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei)

Our friend stayed here during her treatment and recommended this to us.  After searching for other options, we’ve decided this is the best place for us to stay and we’ve made the right choice.  It’s just one bus stop (any bus) away from Mackay, or around 10 but not more than 15 minute walk to the hospital.

I directly contacted KT Star to book based on my friend’s recommendation.  But what I should have done was ask the coordinator from Mackay to give us a referral to KT Star since KT gives a special rate for Mackay patients.  Good thing I read that from a blog later on and asked Mackay about it, so we will still be able to avail of the discounted rate.


Plenty of places in the area to eat too! There are groceries, eateries, restaurants and a night market nearby.

KT Star is nearer to MRT Zhongshan Elementary Station (Yellow Line) than to MRT Minquan W. Road Station (Red Line).

Prostestant Church:  Suanglien Presbyterian Church – English Ministry

This is where we attend worship services for our entire stay here.  It is just across the hospital.  We are very blessed to find this church!