Here’s a brief history of our infertility journey.  This is not to promote any hospital or doctor.  We chose our doctors and hospital with much prayer, with consultation from friends, and for our own personal reasons.  You may have your personal reasons and considerations as well.  Other people we know successfully have healthy babies from the doctors and clinics we’ve been to, but it has not a successful journey yet for us as of this writing.

We believe that there is a purpose for everything and we trust the Lord in all these.  Sharing this just in case others may learn a thing or two from our history.

2010:  Got married 😀

2011:  Started seeing an OB.  After 6 months of being on Femara and Clomid and not able to conceive, my first OB referred me to an infertility specialist.

2012-2014:  Started going to an infertility doctor, our second doctor, but not the one recommended by my first doctor.  Chose her because she was recommended by a friend who got pregnant on her 5th IUI, and the doctor’s clinic was near our place.  Had my tubes tests if blocked – cleared.  Around 8 IUI during this period.  Last one was February 14, 2014.  Memorable because it was Valentine’s Day!  Our date was in an assisted reproductive medicine center for our IUI.  Diagnosis:  PCOS.  Was on Metformin most of the time for PCOS.

2014 August – Started seeing my 3rd OB and she referred me to a reproductive immunologist; diagnosis:  APAS and elevated natural killer cells.  Had LIT (lymphocyte immune therapy) – 3 sessions

2014 November – Started going to an IVF center for minimal stimulation in Makati; diagnosis:  unexplained infertility.  I was not considered to have PCOS too.  Different doctors have different opinions.  Reproductive immunological factors are not considered reasons for infertility for this clinic, saying that it is a relatively new science and is not part of their protocol.

2014 December – OPU or Ovum Pick Up – 3 eggs.  All  eggs were fertilized and frozen.

2015 March – First embryo transfer.  Beta HCG of 4.

2015 April – Second embryo transfer.  Beta HCG – none.  Doctor said we should go back to our reproductive immunologist before we have our last transfer.

2015 May – 2016 March:  rest from going to the doctor;  took Chinese herbal medicine

2016 March:  Went to see a new OB prior to our IVF. She was surprised that we stopped seeing a doctor for a long time.

She asked – What will we do when the 3rd embryo transfer fails?

I said, we’ll decide when we get there.

Time is ticking and we should be more aggressive, she said.  Think one step ahead.  There’s nothing to lose.  You must have accepted by now that it’s ok not to have children.  So what’s there to lose with trying?  With trying, you may not be successful, but you just might have a baby still.

She recommended Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei.

Went back to my immunologist and had 4 LIT sessions.

2016 May: Went back to the IVF clinic for the last embryo transfer.  Started acupuncture sessions again. Emailed Mackay Memorial Hospital to get some information.

2016 June:  Was scheduled for a domino transfer – meaning fresh embryo and frozen embryo to be transferred at the same time.  Egg retrieval was late so no fresh embryo. Only one frozen embryo was transferred.  Beta HCG was 27.  Not negative, but not positive too.  The doctor was very careful not to put my hopes high.   My acupuncturist said congratulations, you are pregnant!

2015 July:  By the first week of July, Beta HCG should have quadrupled, but it dropped to 8.  Learned that the final embryo transfer did not succeed.  5 days later I got my period.  Thank God, no ectopic pregnancy.

We immediately emailed Mackay and booked an appointment with Dr. Robert Kuo-Kuang Lee for the following week for our initial assessment.

Spent 5 days in Taipei – second week of July.  Initial assessment – had AMH test (by blood test) to check my ovarian reserve,  and semen analysis for my husband.  Doctor Lee also asked me to have an HSG or hysterosalpingogram.  The report I had was not HSG, but HSSG.  The old report indicated possible polyps, and Dr. Lee said the polyps need to be removed prior to the procedure.

I was pretty sure that I had no polyps in my uterus because my second doctor never brought it up again.  The possible existence of polyps was not verified.

Received schedule for IVF – can be done as early as September 2016.

2016 August:  Was on pills starting Day 1 to regulate my period.  Need to be in Taiwan on my Day 1, or at the latest, Day 3, of the next cycle.  Saw my new OB in Manila for HSG.  My new OB asked why Dr. Lee is asking me to have HSG, and she said that if he wanted to check if there were polyps, the procedure should be hysteroscopy and not HSG (which is like an X-ray of the ovaries).  And so I asked Dr. Lee if I should do both.  He said that if the OB recommended hysteroscopy, then no need to do HSG.

Had my hysteroscopy.  First time to have IV and anaesthesia, and to undergo surgery ever.  Hysteroscopy results – OK!  Dr. Lee gave us go signal to push through with the IVF next month.

Booked tickets and accommodations to Taipei for IVF.

2016 September:  Arrived in Taipei on September 8 in the afternoon.  Period started in the evening.  Day 1 is September 8!  Just in time 🙂

Started this blog. 🙂