34th Week: 3 Checkups and a Shower

Our 34th week checkup was a breeze because everything is fine, the doctor said.  I learned that despite the fact that I only gained 4 kilos since I got pregnant, River’s size and weight are normal.  I even lost 4 pounds in a week! Maybe it is because I have been monitoring my sugar and my food intake.  I’ve been having sweet potatoes with red rice whenever we eat at home.  I’m glad that I didn’t gain a lot of weight.  Nothing to worry about, my doctor said, as long as River’s growing as expected.   I hope I don’t gain weight after pregnancy too.

I also had my DVT screening and hopefully, the results that will come out in 2 to 3 days are ok.

Visited my endocrinologist also and I officially have gestational diabetes. Showed her my monitoring sheet of glucose levels before and after meals.

Values should be not more than 95 before meals, and should be below 130 after meals (1.5 hours after the first bite). I have to see her again next week for monitoring. I also need to list down the food I ate for the sugar values that are high.

She was curious about one meal where I had the highest score (it’s not good – 183). Told her it was because we ate out at a Singaporean restaurant and I tried a little bit of everything – chicken with white rice, Hokkien noodles, bak kut teh, salted egg prawns.  This got my doctor interested that she asked where the  restaurant is – she likes to try it for herself 🙂  And of course, as for me, I’ll have to avoid those.  No to white rice.

These are some of the dishes we ordered on our first try in this restaurant.  They were not the culprits of the 183 score that I got.  Forgot to take photos of the food when we visited the second time around – the 183 high meal 🙂


Cereal prawns and char kway teuw
Less carbs, more protein. Thank God no mention of insulin shots. 😀


So how is it being pregnant at 34 weeks?  According to thebump.com:

Your 34 weeks pregnant belly might seem a little—or a lot—lower than it did a few weeks ago. That’s because baby may have descended lower into your pelvis. This may let you breathe a little easier, since your lungs have more space. Ahh! (Of course, some babies don’t do this until the day they’re born, so we’re not making any guarantees.) The pitfall of this descent, of course, is even more pressure on your bladder, so be prepared to make even more trips to the ladies’ room over the coming weeks.

Here’s an update on River, according to fitpregnancy.com:

The fetus is taking deep breaths. The eyes can blink and are open when it’s awake and closed when asleep, and the pupils dilate and constrict in reaction to light.  Your baby’s brain is forming trillions of connections, making it possible for her to learn in the womb. All of this brain development may be the reason that your baby sleeps frequently at this stage. She may even be dreaming—her eyes dart around rapidly just as an adult’s might in REM sleep. Your child’s development is in no way complete at birth. In the first year after birth, a baby’s brain triples in size and becomes three-quarters of its adult size.

From mom365.com:

It’s unlikely that you’ll feel any major internal activity; instead, your baby’s movements will start to feel like slight shifts instead of major flips. Your baby just doesn’t have the space for gymnastics anymore!  Your baby at 34 weeks is actually developing his very first memories, though it’s unlikely that these memories last very long. Keep talking to your baby and he will know your voice once he’s born.  Your baby at 34 weeks is actually developing his very first memories, though it’s unlikely that these memories last very long. Keep talking to your baby and he will know your voice once he’s born.

The site also said it’s time to review those relaxation techniques from birthing class.  Since we didn’t attend any of those, I will have to research on my own.


This week’s highlight is the second baby shower we had.   Early this week, our friends, who’ve known our journey of many failures, disappointments and heartaches prior to conceiving River,  gave us a “surprise” baby shower!   I already had an inkling and it was confirmed 30 minutes before the actual surprise, so it’s not a “surprise surprise” anymore, but then I was still surprised with how the room where we have our Bible studies was transformed by the balloons, cut-outs and decors painstakingly prepared and put together!

We cannot thank these friends enough, for all the time, effort and generous gifts, and most especially for all the love, prayers and support all these years.

Signs for taking photos!

For Daddy C and me 🙂
River, look at what your aunties and uncles prepared for you!  They share in our joy and excitement to meet you soon.  You are an answer to not just ours but to many people’s prayers too.  You’re so blessed to have so many people praying for you!  May you grow up to be loving, caring, and prayerful too!

They also wrote letters for you that left me teary-eyed… I’ll post them in another entry so that one day, River, you’ll get to read them.  Hope you’ll experience soon enough that our Almighty God answers prayers, for you yourself are an answered prayer. 🙂



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