32nd Week: Sugar, Shower & Sharenting

Thirty-two weeks last Thursday!  Going 33 weeks in two days, so that means at least 4 weeks to go and I’m ready to pop at 37 weeks onwards!

I hope River and I reach 40 weeks, so that would mean 7 more weeks at most.

How’s River?

  •  sleeps a lot; is awakened when I eat sugary stuff
  •  Most of his major organs have fully developed, except for the lungs.
  •  If he were to be born this week, he has a great chance of survival.  But again, I hope he reaches 40 weeks.
  •  He inhales amniotic fluid to practice his lungs.
  •  His skin this week is no longer transparent but opaque.
  •  He is supposed to be in birth position, that is, head down, because that’s the most comfortable position for him given the limited space in the uterus.  But as of my last check with the OB, his head is now on my right side.  I do hope he goes back to the head down position in time.  Go, River!

My visits to the OB are weekly now starting last week.  My doctor recommended that I have some shots to strengthen or hasten River’s lungs development.  We were quick to ask if there was anything wrong with River, since that ultrasound was the longest we had so far with my OB as if she saw something irregular and trying to check otherwise.  She even gave a sigh of relief after, “Very good!  Everything’s  ok.” It was just that River’s position made it difficult for her to check and measure him, she said.  I do hope everything’s really ok 🙂

The shots, two shots with 24 hour interval, she explained, are just to make sure that we have everything covered just in case River comes out earlier than he should, that he has developed and healthy lungs to survive.  I Googled about it that night and learned that those shots are steroids.  Maybe because I am high risk patient given my age and my DVT that’s why my OB recommends me to have those.  We’ll go with her recommendation.

Oh Sugar…

As for my sugar level, nothing to worry about, the endocrinologist / diabetologist said, since I do not have a family history of diabetes and my OGTT results show only one value, that is, the last one, being too high.  What was just frustrating was that I had to go back to the clinic to replace the sample test device I was given to monitor my sugar.  And ended up buying a new one myself since the second device didn’t work again.  But anyway, I really have to abstain for sugary stuff to have passing scores to show my doctor when I go back to see her.  Blood sugar level should be less than 95 before meals, and less than 135 after meals.

Ok, I can do this.  Final stretch.  No sugar.  When I give birth, I can eat all the chocolates I want. I guess. Hehe 🙂  Now I have to read on how chocolates that affects breastfeeding.

Baby Shower

It was sweet of some friends I’ve known since at least 2 decades ago to prepare a baby shower party for us!  We don’t get together often so it was really very thoughtful of them to organize one for us, and thank God for River that we have a reason to see each other again.  I thank God for all their effort, time, gifts, tips and most especially prayers and support.


Am I ready for motherhood?  Are we ready to be parents?  I have yet to read or watch materials on birthing classes since I was not able to attend one, to be informed and not be afraid of the unknown in childbirth.  Pain is my friend, I learned recently.  I have yet to fix River’s hospital bag and mine too.  There are so many aspects to this whole new chapter, and believe it or not, social media is one aspect that need not be neglected, I realized.

Read an article entitled “Instagram Generation: Four Ways Smartphone Cameras are Changing Us” from desiringgod.com of how parents’ digital habits can subconsciously instill perception and habits on their children that may negatively affect them. Incidentally, I broke the screen of my at least 3 year old phone and a major consideration now in buying a new phone is the camera quality.

Uh-oh.  I didn’t realize how important it is for me to be intentional in my digital habits as part of good parenting until I read that article.  There probably was never a day I didn’t check on my Facebook, and since I got pregnant, my Instagram where I buy online stuff, mostly books for River.   I don’t want River to grow up:

  •  thinking that if moments are not shared on social media, they are not worthwhile
  •  be affected by the number of likes and comments he gets and make those his source of security and acceptance
  •  carefully projecting and planning an image in social media just to be liked and accepted
  •  oversharing
  •  humble-bragging and self-promoting
  •  always checking his phone all the time, impulsively
  •  wasting time not being intentional in what he feeds his mind

Where did I get that list?  Things I don’t like seeing on Facebook, and the last two, things that I hate myself for doing also.

I need a digital diet / fasting.  My husband and I also need to discuss what pictures of River we share and not to share on social media. I know River will be the cutest baby ever, but my Facebook and Instagram friends, especially those with their own children, might not agree, and perceive me to be self-promoting or self-centered or conceited.  I do not want River to be “overexposed.”

Can I really not check my Facebook and Instagram accounts for a day?  A week?  Or can I even check it just once a day?  Quoting a part of the article:

…my son is living out a pattern that I unconsciously instilled in him. For the last ten years, he has been an actor in front of my iPhone.

It’s called “sharenting” — a term for parents who have shared lots of things about their children online over the years. We posted their birth photos, and shared their baby pictures, and their first steps, and their first smiles, first words, first this, first that — they’ve all been documented and shared on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

In other words: The phenomenon of teen selfies is the product of sharenting. We are a generation of parents who raised our children with a constant camera in their faces, and now a decade later we’re just beginning to see the impact of our habits on the next generation. And the next generation is passing along certain habits unknowingly to the generation after them.

For our improvement, or to our demise, we are fundamentally creatures of imitation, copying the habits and behaviors we see in those around us (Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 4:16; 11:1; Philippians 3:17; 4:9; 1 Thessalonians 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:7–9; Hebrews 6:12; 13:7; 1 Peter 1:14; 2:21; 3 John 11).

I want to capture every moment of River.  Ok, not really every.  But I think it would really be a challenge for me not to take lots of pictures and videos of him and share them with our families.

Maybe a very important question I should ask myself regarding this and everything else, will what I do glorify and please God?

Life really is getting more complicated in this age of social media and the Internet.  A friend also suggested that a good gift for a baby would be an email address. Haha! I wonder what kind of generation River would be facing.  Indeed, he belongs to the “house of tomorrow” as Kahlil Gibran’s poem mentions.  May God guide my husband and I to help River to be the person God wants him to be.


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