28th Week: Hello, Third Trimester!

Praise God for another milestone. I’m learning to depend all the more on Him, daily, weekly, monthly.  Every trimester.

Thanks to my husband for the photos!  Next photo session will be on my 32nd week.  I take baby bump photos every 4 weeks.

I realized that I’ve been leaning so much backwards when I stand.  (I tilted the photo a bit. 🙂 ) I’ve also been becoming more forgetful! Once, just recently, I pressed a pea-sized portion of toothpaste out of its tube on my fingers, and put it on my forehead.  Realized my mistake before rubbing it on my face.  By the way, the tubes of our facial wash and toothpaste almost have the same shape.  How could I be that forgetful? 😂 Could it be because, as mentioned in a mommy proofing seminar I attended, pregnant women’s brains shrink by 5%?

According to the article “Pregnancy SHRINKS women’s brain – especially parts linked to human socialising” from express.co.uk:

New mothers’ brains were found to change after birth to prioritise responding to their child’s needs or detecting threats to their family.

In turn socialisation and processing skills became slower, with forgetfulness becoming more common.

This doesn’t mean women become less smart because their brains get smaller:

“Grey matter volume loss can also represent a beneficial process of maturation or specialisation.”

Interesting to read more about this.


How’s River? He’s moving more often now!  Sometimes, he moves in wave like motion.  Other times, he pulls my tummy to one side.  There are times he shows himself as a small bump on my tummy.  Could that be his fist, or his foot? I can feel his hiccups too. 🙂

Here’s more from the What to Expect app:

Your baby is settling into the proper position for birth, with his head facing downward (toward your body’s nearest exit!). Your little work-in-progress now weighs about two-and-a-quarter pounds and is almost 15 inches long when measured head to toe. He’s busy these days blinking (outside in the real world, blinking is necessary to help keep foreign objects out of the eyes). That skill is just one of an already impressive repertoire of tricks he’s working on, like coughing, more intense sucking, hiccupping and, perhaps most important, better breathing.

How’s the mommy? Can’t help to be anxious at times.  Read that it is normal for pregnant women in their last trimester, especially for first time moms.  Will I die of childbirth? It wouldn’t mean God loves me less if I do. And it doesn’t mean that those who die for any reason have lesser faith, or are loved less as well.  But I just continue to pray for my baby and my own health, and submit to His will.  Turning anxious thoughts into prayers. If I worry now, will it change anything? Will it add a day to my life? Best to enjoy God’s grace and presence daily, enjoy this gift of pregnancy. Tomorrow will worry about its own.  If I do die of childbirth, what a sad thing it will be if I’ll spend my last days being sad and gloomy!

One of my close friends know of at least two women who died pregnant or days after giving birth, just in the past six months. One passed on just last week.  😞 And though my friend didn’t mean to scare me or cause me to worry, I couldn’t help but think of that possibility happening to me too.  My friend was just concerned about me and asking me to take extra precaution, especially with my DVT condition.

I shared about this to a group of friends and my intention was to share with them how I am learning to trust God more because of this. And it was not unusual to receive reaction like (1) I shouldn’t think of those things, and that (2) my friend shouldn’t have told me about deaths due to pregnancy, and that (3) everything will be fine, only a few percentage of women die of childbirth these days, just pray.

I only agree with the first one, that I shouldn’t think about it that much. And that means I shouldn’t worry.  Take one day at a time.  But as of point #2, my friend was just concerned.  There should be any harm on me for her to share about death.  She was hesitant to share those to me at first, but I insisted for her to tell me what’s wrong because she sounded so worried about me.  Death is a reality in life.  As a follower of Christ, one shouldn’t be afraid to talk about death, or to die, right?  To live is Christ and to die is gain.  Point #3: Though I know they were concerned and they just wanted me to quit worrying by saying everything will be fine, I am actually not encouraged by it.  That is in the same way I do not like it when people back then would tell me, you’ll have a baby soon, just pray and have faith.  They seek to encourage, to help me not to give up and be hopeful, but they are not God who knows what will happen in the future. Why will I put my hope on people’s words, when they are not God who knows and holds the future?

But don’t get me wrong, I thank God for my friends’ concern and prayers.  They just don’t understand I guess.  Not that I know better, but they just haven’t been through what I’ve been going through.  Or maybe I just overthink.  I just want to make it clear to myself where my faith should be based, on God’s Word, and not the assurances of men.

I say, I should continue to trust God and have faith that He knows what is best. He is my sovereign and loving God and I should live in submission to His will. Whatever happens, yes, everything will be for the best because God is with me all the time.

Turning anxious thoughts to prayers. As it has been since we started this IVF cycle last September.    And look where we are now! Only by God’s grace.  My heart is just filled with gratitude and praise.

My “veiny” hands look so old!

Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God,for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.  Psalm 42:11 | NIV

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:31

A 28th week smile! 😀
My belly, and toes in my anti-thrombolic stockings

Thankful to our God who listens to our prayers and of those who’ve been praying for us all these years. He’s been answering “Wait” and “Not this time” lovingly, though sometimes we couldn’t see or understand it, for the first 6 years of our marriage. He has never forsaken us even if His answer was not what we desired. And we learn all the more to yield to Him and be satisfied in Him.

His timing is perfect. He has given us River in September last year.  We will continue to pray and lift our hearts to Him 🙂 May He grant us our prayer of a healthy baby boy and a safe delivery 🙂 and whatever happens, He is always with us, and for that we are grateful. 😍


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