25th Week: 101 days to go!

Last Thursday, River turned 25 weeks in my tummy! Yehey! 🙂 From today, March 6, there are 101 days to go before 40 weeks! (That means at most 101 injections to go, too!)

Significant developments are as follows (from Ovia WebMD, and What to Expect pregnancy apps):

  •  River can detect light, and may start kicking more if he notices any.
  •  His lungs are gearing up to breathe in a few months.  They continue to develop from all the amniotic fluid he has been inhaling.
  •  His hair is thickening, and he probably has hair color by now 🙂
  • He now might weigh around 900 grams!
  • He loves his new sense of balance, as he can now tell which is up and which is way down, rotating himself towards the position he will be in during birth, head down and feet up.
  • He can now recognize my voice and other familiar sounds.  He may even be able to respond to my voice with a little kick to the belly! (Time to read more of those books I’ve bought.)
  • He sleeps 80% of the time!  As he sleeps, his brain is very active.
  • Baby fat is coming!  Even though River is still lean, he is slowly putting on pounds and loosing that wrinkly appearance.

Changes I experienced these past few days:

(1) Fatter fingers

I’ve been warned:  I read recently that this is expected around this time of pregnancy, and even swollen feet too. I should remove my ring while I still can, the article said. A few days ago I noticed my fingers look stubby, and I had a hard time removing my ring.  Maybe it’s time to keep my ring off for now.  But now, I’m wearing it again!  My fingers are back to normal.

(2) Chubbier feet

Today, I noticed my already fat and wide feet getting chubbier 😮 I sat and propped my feet on pillows to raise them for the swelling to subside. And thank God, they are back to normal, fat and wide normal.

(3) A fast growing belly (with matching growing appetite)

With veins and some stretch marks starting to show on my belly,  I am applying more religiously anti-stretch mark oil, cream, lotion, butter whatever to lessen them.  One app says my belly would be around the size of a soccer ball by now.

(4) Shorter hair

Had a haircut 💇 – last time I had a haircut was July last year. That was a day after knowing that our 3rd and last FET (frozen embryo transfer) failed. It just so happened that I remember when I had my last haircut prior to this, and it was not because of the failed transfer / heartbreak. My reference for time these past years has been based around my infertility treatments.

(5) More urge to shop for River (and myself)

I went to the mall to renew my driver’s license and I love it that people are very accommodating to pregnant women.

And so as not to waste my trip to the mall, I walked around for my weekly exercise and did a bit of shopping.  Maybe soon my tummy would be so big that my husband might no longer allow me to go out on my own anymore, so I might as well make the most of the time 😀

And so I bought more books – how can I resist not buying these pre-loved books but in extremely good condition? And they are least half the price of the new ones!  Cheaper than the ones sold online through Instagram too 🙂

Books from Pages and Chapters!  Chanced upon these on my way to renew my driver’s license.

I bought a growth chart too from H&M Home. It’s a good buy and exactly what my husband wants! Minimalist design.  I’ve been eyeing for something like this on Instagram. (I’m glad I listened to my husband and didn’t buy the colorful pirate decal growth chart 🙂 )

Other H&M Home finds – but still considering whether to buy them or not 🙂

Been seeing mats similar to these on Instagram.  Saving details here for comparison.

My favorite tops to wear these days are plain t-shirts from H&M Mama, the store’s maternity line. So I bought one more shirt for maternity (for only 499 pesos), and a pair of regular gray leggings (499 pesos too) that I can wear even during post pregnancy.

Got two new books for myself too:


Giving this to a friend, but reading it in the meantime while I don’t have the chance to give it to her yet. 🙂


We have a lovely surprise from our extremely talented graphic artist friend:

😍 It’s super! That’s River and our dog Bauer. Amazing, isn’t it?  Will definitely have this printed and framed! 🙂

Showed it to another friend and she thought that’s the cover of the book I am writing a book about River.   I don’t plan to write a book about River, but that comment reminded me to start working on the children’s book idea I have. I hope our graphic artist friend can do the illustrations of my book!  Well first, I have to start writing.

Last week, I thank God that I had a chance to talk to someone I don’t personally know, but struggling with infertility as well.  She was referred by a friend of my aunt – long connection – but I’m glad somehow I can share some of my experiences that I hope can help her with her options.  Praying for God’s guidance for her and her husband. 🙂

Just an update on last week’s posts on Instagram contests – I didn’t win in any of the 6 contests I joined! 😀 And realized that I’ve been using Instagram too much for my own good, too.  IG has been useful – (1) viewing various mommy and baby stuff being sold so I can compare the designs and prices and decide which ones I like – I was able to buy a really nice navy  blue backpack diaper bag that’s 30% discounted (2)  seeing a free parenting seminar which we attended last Saturday.  But I should learn to use my time more intentionally for more productive stuff 🙂


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