What to do with chicken stock

With 4 liters of chicken stock, I was able to make the following:

1. Pumpkin / Squash soup

Cinnamon milk foam on top – need to work on it some more 🙂

– used 500g of squash and was able to fill the entire pitcher used for blending

2.  Cream of Tomato Soup

– used 500g of tomatoes and yielded just half of what I got from the squash soup. 5 servings.  Should use 1 kg of tomatoes next time.

Sauteed tomatoes with tomato paste, celery, leeks, carrots and onions

Basil flavored cream of tomato soup 😋

2. Arroz Caldo – Filipino style chicken congee

– used chicken stock instead of water so I don’t have to use chicken cubes

Recipe from Kawaling Pinoy.

Surprised that just 1 cup of uncooked rice can yield so much congee 🙂 (obviously, it’s my first time to make any kind of congee 🙂 )

Ran out of chicken stock for cream of mushroom soup! Found a recipe that doesn’t use chicken stock, will do it tomorrow 🙂

Adding to the list are these noodle and rice dishes I made before, using chicken stock too.

Kiampung and pancit guisaido; Paella – That’s a total of 6 dishes using chicken stock 🙂


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