While waiting for the doctor

“Pinagaling na ni Jesus ang paa ko!” (Jesus has already healed my foot!)

While waiting for my turn for consultation with my cardiologist, I overheard a little boy crying, while repeatedly saying that to his dad. It was as if he was convincing himself to make the pain go away.


Jesus, please heal him 🙂

I am back at the hospital for consultation because my heart rate has consistently been over 100 – ranging from 100-120 bpm since yesterday. I am not exactly having difficulty breathing, but sometimes I am catching my breath because I feel like I am catching a cold soon.

I can’t remember exactly what the doctor said during my last consultation last month on what I should do if my heart rate goes beyond 100 for a period of time.  I just remember that it is something I should watch out for. But can’t recall if I should go to the ER if that happens.

Earlier today, I had an unpleasant encounter with the doctor’s secretary that I don’t want to write about. To cut the long story short – I cried when I thought about the possibility of being confined again and being confined in the same hospital.


I can hear the little boy chatting happily with his dad right now.  Hope all will be well with him. 🙂


The little boy with his dad just passed by in front of me. The boy has curly hair and a bandage on his big toe, and is back to crying as his elderly-looking dad comforts him.


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