My Belly Button Magic

I was laughing so hard last night over a video my husband showed me, and learned that I have to be careful when I laugh. It felt like my belly button was going to pop as I laughed!

I have a new magic trick: I can make my belly button “pop” or “talk” or whatever that weird thing is called 😁, when I laugh out loud!

And here are two plus hundred more reasons to laugh. Two books: Stupid is Forever and Stupid is Forevermore. Hundreds of witty jokes from the tough-talking, smart, witty and fearless author. When Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago passed away, I thought it would be nice to have her books. Everytime I had a chance to go to a bookstore, I would ask about her books. But her books were sold out!

This time, I wasn’t even looking for them. They were just right in front of the counter as I paid for some supplies I need for a Christmas party.

Have to be careful when I read these! 😝

I think this one is for me 😁

This one, for my husband 😍


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