Little Heartbeat

“Do you really want to hear the heartbeat?  It’s better and more accurate to see it than hear it.”

Yesterday evening during my checkup, the doctor just burst my bubble of hearing our baby’s heartbeat.  But it’s ok 🙂  Too much watching of movies and TV must have hyped my excitement of hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  I would imagine my husband and I in the ultrasound room, hearing the baby’s heartbeat, with cinematic background music. Hehehe 🙂

Seeing is better than hearing.  Ok I get it.  It’s like actions speak louder than words.

So today I had my last TVS, and saw the heartbeat.  Next time, after a month, I’ll have ultrasound on my tummy 🙂  That’s when we can hear the baby’s heartbeat too.

Zara’s heartbeat was at 164 bpm! She was moving, ang likot likot, at the time of the ultrasound.  🙂  Her position didn’t make it possible for us to how much water there is behind her head / neck, which would indicate any abnormality, specifically down syndrome.  The doctor will check again on our next visit.

I read about that kind of check before, but my husband learned about it for the first time when he asked the doctor why do we need to see the water behind the baby’s head.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” he says.  There’s nothing that can be done at this point whatever abnormalities our baby may have.

“Well, it’s for our peace of mind,” I explained.  “To prepare us, just in case.”

“Don’t think about it anymore,” he said.

Ok, I won’t!


And he brought Baby Z and me a happy surprise today – a reminder that we should just always have happy thoughts 🙂

“When did you think about giving us a surprise?  Just this morning?” I asked.

“Years ago…. hehe just kidding.  Months ago,” he said.

That was really sweet.  I thought I was the only one planning things in the past… like early this year, when I bought a stretchable black and white dress, I thought of myself wearing it to show my baby bump… and it’s something that I can wear pregnant or not.  Finally was able to wear it for my first baby bump photo (two blog posts ago).  🙂

We are so blessed, Baby Z! 🙂




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