Of Prayers, Injections, and Alcohol Pads

Good morning, Lord! 

Help me with my injection.  

Help me to do it right. 

I’m afraid but I can do this by Your grace.

Make me brave. Take away my fear.

Give me strength.

Make it pain free.

I don’t want to do this but I’m doing this for You and Zara.

Keep Zara healthy.

Make the medicine work.

Lord, it’s painful this time, but I remember You suffered for me.

This tiny needle? It’s nothing compared to the nails that pierced Your hands.

Lord, oh no, there’s blood going up the syringe!  I’ll be more careful next time, especially when doing the injections in the car.

Lord, thank you for my husband, for all his love and support.

Thank you, Lord, for the provision, that we can afford my daily injections.


These are just some of my prayers as I inject Clexane to myself twice a day, every 12 hours.

These alcohol pads that are running out remind me that I’ve been doing the injections almost 100 times! A box contains 100 pads and I use one each time, since my Gonal-F injections for  our workup in Taiwan. (Well, my husband thought I wouldn’t be able to use it all up so he would sometimes use these to wipe the table or sanitize any surface in our apartment then.  We didn’t foresee that after the two week injections in Taiwan, I would be needing more alcohol pads.)

Yes, I am getting used to it. But there was just one time when I wasn’t being too careful that I may have pulled up a bit the other end of the syringe that was supposed to be always pushed down. And the syringe drew out blood. I panicked a bit at the sight of blood for the first time in doing the injections myself, but quickly gained composure. That episode was a reminder that I should be over confident and to always be extra careful.  Was doing the injection in the car, at the parking lot of a mall, before having dinner.

I may be getting used to this, but may I not take for granted God’s grace and the strength He gives me each time.

These are all the empty syringes we have collected so far because we want to dispose this properly in the hospital, or else these might be used again by anyone who collects our garbage at home.🗑

That’s how I explained it to my 12-year old nephew too, on why I keep the syringes.  He said, “Others might use it again for drugs?”  Oh, he knows about drugs.

Each syringe, a prayer, each syringe, 12 hours closer to meeting Zara.😊

Around 6 months, or 180 days, or 360 more injections to go!👍

Thank you, Lord, for Your grace!


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