9th week: Going Home!

(Feature photo: triple decadence cake to celebrate today, thanks to my thoughtful husband for knowing what food to buy for me 🙂 )

After 1 week of staying in the hospital, I am going home 🙂

I probably have the most number of doctors in the floor, though there are only 2-3 of us here. I have a (1) cardiologist (2) an OB (3)  a rheumatologist. Thank God for leading me to these doctors, and for the nice and caring hospital staff here.

Learned the following today:

1. DVT might happen again, but hopefully not. DVT can endanger blood flow to the baby so fetal blood flow should be monitored.

2. Leg pain is gone because of anti-inflammatory antibiotics and the anti-embolic socks but

3. The blood clot is still there and it takes 6 weeks to 6 months for it to completely dissolve

4. I cannot stay in one position for more than 15 minutes, but simple leg exercises to pump blood in the leg will help.

5. I should watch out for shortness of breath because since the clot is still there, there is still the danger of the clot moving up to the heart and lungs.

6.  I should monitor my heartbeat and oxygen with a pulse measuring device. Can be bought in Bambang.

7. I should wear the stockings all the time and daily, except of course when taking a shower.

8. Injections should continue until delivery. 


Thank God that Zara is 9 weeks today 🙂 She is now the size of a peanut or green olive. 

My ultrasound result two days ago show good cardiac activity for Zara. Heartbeat was 121 bpm, compared to 148 in Oct. 29. Doctor said baby is doing well and rhat the heart rate is within range, so no worries. 

Hang in there, Zara! Be strong! 🙂 


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