Thank God for Ice Cream!

Turns out that the seemingly harmless pain in my right leg was really DVT – deep vein thrombosis.  I first read about it last Wednesday when the pain in my leg made it difficult for me to go up and down the stairs.  Googled “leg pain pregnancy” and that’s what came up.

The article (link above) describes DVT as a very serious condition and can be life-threatening that I dismissed the thought of my condition as DVT.  Sometimes we do Google symptoms and the articles that come up just make us worry and paranoid, and most of the time, Google wrongly diagnoses us.

But this time, it is true.  It is very real.

Last Friday, after seeing a cardio vascular / varicose vein specialist recommended by my OB, and after undergoing an ultrasound of the veins in my legs, I was diagnosed with acute DVT.  It was so serious I needed to be admitted to the hospital ASAP.  The doctors wanted to avoid the worst thing that can happen, and that’s the clot going up to my lungs and making me unable to breathe.  I may write more about DVT in a different post.  In this post, I will focus more on being grateful.

Today is my 4th day in the hospital.  For the past days my right leg was really painful that it made it hard for me to walk to the rest room, to stand for a few minutes just to brush my teeth, or wash my face. The pain would worsen at night, and I could only utter in my mind, “Lord, help me! Have mercy on me!  Take away the clot that causes this pain!  Please keep my baby safe.”  I didn’t want to pray to God to take away the pain, because I believe pain is my friend – it guided us to seek the doctor’s help.  I was also put on dextrose / IV so I was only free to use my right hand, and I even had to ask my husband to tie my hair for me.   I felt so helpless. And so dependent on the Lord and the people around me.

As the song goes, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…”  But I’m glad whatever was “gone,”  I am slowly able to regain, all by God’s grace.

And that’s why there’s ice cream!

Thank God for my two legs, that I can finally walk with much less pain to go to the rest room.
Thank God for my two hands, that I can use them to eat, tie my hair, wash my face, brush my teeth, take care of myself at the very least.
Thank God for this hospital room, that though the air conditioning is broken, it is spacious, bright and clean.
Thank God for His provision, that the cost of my injections and hospitalization is the least of our concern.
Thank God for the doctors and nurses He has arranged for me, that they have all been taking good care of me.
Thank God for the injections, for they make me well.
Thank God for my family and friends for their prayers, concern and support.


Thank God for ice cream to celebrate a significant day of my recovery, that something so simple as a 20 pesos ice cream can make me so happy. 🙂

Thank God for my husband who thought of buying me ice cream at the same time as I was thinking about it, because our room could get uncomfortably warm at times.
Thank God for my wonderful husband who has shown nothing but patience, kindness, selflessness = LOVE.

Thank God for being my loving and sovereign God who has been with us through all these, who led us to the right doctors, who has given us peace in our hearts despite the diagnosis.  He is the source of all things good, the things I am grateful for.

My second vein ultrasound is scheduled on Wednesday.  I pray that the results would be so good that I can already be discharged then!

I can’t wait to go home! 🙂


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