8th Week: Of Lego Brick, Raspberry, and Coffee Bean, Plus a Painful Leg


…Lego brick, raspberry and coffee bean – that’s how big Zara is now according to my 3 pregnancy apps.  🙂img_9073




I am feeling fine, except for pain in my right leg which started as a slight muscle strain on Sunday.  But now, I have a hard time walking, let alone go up and down the stairs.  Not sure if it is pregnancy related, but I’ve read that it could be DVT or deep vein thrombosis – which is kind of serious.  I may just be reading too much… But then the article I found appeared on the symptoms list for 8th week in one of my pregnancy apps.


I even woke up at 3 am this morning because of the unbearable pain.  Tried for some time to find the right pain-free position so I could go back to sleep.  Because of that, we decided to inform our OB first thing in the morning about this.

I really hope it is nothing serious.  My OB recommends that I see a varicose vein specialist so I am seeing one tomorrow.


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