Busy Long Weekend

Almost nearing my 8th week.  Time is just soooo slow.  So while waiting for Zara, here are a few things that kept me busy.

(1)  Self-studying Canon D with a little help from my niece 🙂 Done with Page 1 so far

(2)  Baked 3-ingredient Japanese cheesecake.  All I used were 1.  225 g of white chocolate chips 2.  6 large eggs 3.  one block of Philadephia cream cheese.  Very easy to make!  Recipe here.

It has been a long while since I last baked and I missed it in a way…  It was fun baking  using simple recipes.  Making fondant cakes?  I don’t miss it that much now.  Maybe the next time I make fondant cakes will be for Zara’s 1st birthday. 😀

Happy how this cheesecake turned out!

(3)  Baked some more – chocolate chip cookies this time.  Goal was the use up my baking ingredients before they expire since I haven’t baked for some time now.

Recipe from Martha Stewart.  Cut down sugar into half.  Maybe I should cut it to just 3/4 next time.

Will try other recipes next time.


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