7th week: Cooking Again

I’ve started cooking but not regularly, at least once a week.  Makes me feel productive.  And I got to do something for my husband too, who has been so sweet to prepare most of our meals, with some help from our housekeeper, and to buy food that I like to eat.  I’m such a spoiled pregnant wife.

(1) Last week’s cheesy, beefy four-layer lasagna – one of my husband’s favorite dishes

I wasn’t able to do the sauce from scratch, which would take quite some time to make. Used ready-made 3 cheese spaghetti sauce.  But the bechamel sauce, though not so complicated actually, I made from scratch and glad I learned to make something new. I would use cream of mushroom soup and all purpose cream before as substitute for bechamel sauce.

(2) Sweet and sour pork

Since one of my husband’s domestic goals is to finish cooking everything that’s in our freezer, I was able to find a way to cook the pork labeled “kasim.” Turns out it was pork shoulder, and I turned it to sweet and sour pork.  My husband was glad we had one less frozen meat in the freezer and that the dish turned out really good too 🙂 thanks to rasamalaysia.com recipe.

Recipe here.

I realized that I was standing for almost 2 hours while preparing it.  (My husband made me realize that.) Who sits while cooking anyway? 🙂  Next time I should be more conscious of taking short breaks to sit down. I did drink some water while cooking.


Baby Zara is now 7 weeks! Size of a blueberry.  Still small but she is now 10,000 times bigger than she was a month ago.

Check up to see her heartbeat will be on Saturday. 🙂 Praying that all goes well!


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