The Blessing of Pain

(Featured photo – throw pillow I had to put on my tummy to make me somehow comfortable 🙂 )

It was one of those moments that I remember thanking God for the pain.

Tightness and pain in my belly woke me early in the morning.  I checked the time – it was 1:35 am.  I did not know if it were uterine contraction or I just needed to go to the rest room.

I went to the rest room to do a No. 2, but then the cramps still persisted.  Took Isoxilan as prescribed by my OB.  She asked me to take this medicine whenever I feel pain that is something like dysmenorrhea, or stomach cramps.  This is the third time I have taken this medicine since last Friday morning.  It is hard to distinguish stomach cramps due to uterine contraction, and stomach cramps due to a bad stomach.  I initially thought that Isoxilan was a pain reliever.  If it were a pain reliever, I was thinking I need not take it because I believe I have pretty high tolerance for pain.  But she corrected me and told me it’s to relax the uterus – to avoid miscarriage.

I scarcely go through dysmenorrhea.  Whenever I have stomach cramps during my period, it is tolerable and it quickly goes away.  And for the first time, maybe I felt what it is like to have a bad case of dysmenorrhea.  I have high tolerance for pain – and this one was probably the most painful I have experienced for a long, long time.  If Isoxilan were a pain reliever, I would have taken it as well.

I lay down hoping that the pain would go away, and prayed. Thanked God for the pain, that it confirms that I am really pregnant, but prayed that the pain would go away and that the baby would be safe.  In pain, I am reminded to put my confidence in the Lord, to fully depend on Him.  The cramps persisted for around 15 minutes until I fell back to sleep.


I had been checking online for my second beta-HCG result since 9 am.  Well, the lab staff said it would be ready by 1 pm.  But I checked anyway in case the result would come out early.  Checked at 10 am, 11 am, 12 nn – no result yet.  Busied myself with other things.  Beta-HCG should double every 2 or 3 days in a healthy pregnancy.  My Thursday beta-HCG was 123.5mIU/mL, so we were hoping for at least a 240 mIU/mL result.

At 1 pm, no result still.  I was expecting a new file, but since there was none and it was already  1 pm,  I tried opening the latest one, the one from last Saturday.  Turned out that the lab just updated the Saturday file.

And here is the result…


More than what we were expecting.  Thank you, Lord, for a good result!

Good job, Zara!  Hang in there and stay healthy! 🙂


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