Day 26: Goodbye & Hello

Beautiful day to fly back home! 🙂

While getting ready to get to the hospital before 9 am, got a call from Mackay that the doctor’s letter wouldn’t be ready until 11:30 am.  We had a ride arranged to take us the airport at 11:30 am for our 3 PM flight so too bad that we wouldn’t be able to meet the doctor for final consultation and the letter.    Good thing was we had a more relaxed morning to finish our last-minute packing.  The letter will be emailed instead, and we can always email the hospital for any questions.

Last look at the view from our window
Good-bye to our home for the past 25 days

Got to the airport in 30 minutes!

It seemed that there were more choices for food before immigration so after checking in, we chose one restaurant to try.  Food was so-so.

Before immigration though, there’s a “Souvenir Avenue” on the 2nd floor.  My sister asked me to buy her some Sunny Hills pineapple cake and we found its booth – fanciest, nicest standalone booth in the airport I think!  So it must be good.  Too bad there is no taste test.

That’s 420 NTD for a box of 10 pieces of pineapple cakes.


Past immigration – no more Sunny Hills.  Food court / restaurants after immigration are almost the same as prior to immigration.  A plus is that there’s Godiva ice cream after immigration, which we had to skip this time.

Tempted to buy one of these “Jump from Paper” cute, cartoonish functional bags and wallets.  Interesting, fun and unique design.  Well, more of artistic than functional – space inside is much smaller compared to entire bag’s size because it’s flat outside.  First time we saw this was at the souvenir shop at SPOT Theater.


Surprised to see an almost empty boarding area 10 minutes before boarding time… we did leave on time though, with that seems just half filled with passengers.
From this…
… to this!
Hello, Manila! Home sweet home 🙂


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