Days 22-23: Take Out

We’ve booked a ride going to the airport for our Monday flight.  Can’t believe we are already going home in 3 days!

Not much happening since I just stayed at home for 2 days now and my husband buys take out food.  Really good take-out food 🙂

He went to Zhongshan area yesterday and today, Taipei Main Station area while I stayed at the apartment.  I’m fine staying home actually 🙂 completed updating each day of this blog yesterday 🙂 and added some sections today – Hope, Resources, Other Details (under About) sections.

Since I didn’t go out, I only have photos of food.  I’m going to miss the food here 🙂

牛河粉 Beef Hofan

三寶飯 Has pork, chicken and duck in one bento box!

Australian meat pie my husband bought from Taipei Main Station underground mall – didn’t know meat pies taste good with ketchup!

The dumplings we boiled for lunch today



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