Day 21: The countdown begins

The countdown to our flight going home begins. Last 5 days in Taipei!   Our business at Mackay is done.  No more visit to the hospital except on our last day, and that is to get a letter from Dr. Lee.

No more rains by noon!   It would have been a great day to go around the city.   But then, I’m fine staying at home to rest as required.  There are many other places we haven’t been to, and places we would like to visit again, but we’ll be back next time anyway to have our second baby 🙂  7 more embryos!   Hopefully, we’ll be back not too soon.  🙂

Would have preferred to stay at the apartment all day, but it’s time to have the place cleaned.  Upon our check-in, we were given 4 coupons for the general cleaning of the apartment and with our 25 days stay here, we scheduled the cleaning every 5 days or so. So we left our last coupon with the key at the front desk to have our room cleaned and off we went to Dr. Stinky Hotpot for lunch.

Had lunch at 鍋博士臭臭鍋 Dr. Guo Stinky Hotpot as request by my husband.  We’ve seen this hotpot chain around Taipei, and this branch is near the supermarket that we frequent.
His:  Lamb Stinky Hotpot 羊肉臭臭鍋
Hers:  Beef Stinky Hotpot 牛肉臭臭鍋

It is called stinky because it has stinky tofu.  Each order costs about 130 NTD.  We took our time to eat.  The hotpot comes with unlimited rice and ice cream too!  You make your own sauce also.  I love the sauce with lots of satay and garlic.


That’s my pot, before and after cooking.  And the free ice cream – I only had a little bit of it.

Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop nearby and stayed there for a while.  He worked on his laptop, I surfed the internet and read a book.

O’tree Cafe


The cafe is along Minquan East Road.
Sights on our way home:  the stylish Aloft Boutique Hotel across the cafe
This is how 雙城街夜市 Shuang Cheng Street 24 Hour Night Market looks at day time.  Lots of stalls missing… the Taiwanese sausage booth should be somewhere there.


For dinner, my husband ordered food for take out from the night market.  I had cube steak without going to Shilin Night Market!  And there’s my 蔥抓餅 (cong1 zhua1 bing3) or flaky scallion pancake with egg (it has basil leaves too!)  My husband had a bowl of noodle soup with seafood.  He wanted to have it with oysters but he couldn’t say it.  I don’t know what oysters are in Mandarin too but told him he should just have pointed the oysters 🙂

So finally I looked up what’s been bugging me for so long.

Oyster is 蠔 (蚝) (hao2).  Oyster sauce is 蠔油。Oyster cake is 蠔餅。Oyster noodle soup is 蠔湯麵.

That’s all about our quiet day today.  We are foreigners “feeling” semi-locals in our last few days here in Taipei, just enjoying the food nearby and no pressure to go to as many tourist spots as possible.  The countdown begins!  We have 5 days left before going back home and enjoy the food here, and 8 days before my pregnancy test.

From O’tree Cafe:  I wanted to have ginger tea, but somewhere along the way my order was lost in translation.  My husband ordered for me 😀

Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we are waiting for… – Charles Stanley


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