Day 18: Sunny Sunday

Having our tourist visitor / sister around made our waiting time for embryo transfer day seem so short. Two more days before our transfer day!

We had a blessed time at church again this morning.  I am reminded that though my husband and I are going through this ordeal of trying to conceive, I shouldn’t be caught up with my own concerns.  The world doesn’t revolve around me.  Sometimes it’s so easy to just think about myself.  I should not stop caring about others.

We had lunch at the Taiwanese Buffet (or for us Filipinos, turu-turo 🙂  My second time here and it’s one of my favorite meals because I can try different kinds of Taiwanese dishes 🙂


After lunch, we went to Guanghua Digital Plaza Computer Market to look for some electronic stuff.  No photos… but you can read more here.  There’s a new and old building.  We looked around at the new building, but bought items from the old building since they have cheaper prices.

My cousin and sister later went to Xiangshan for hiking.  I am borrowing their photo – view from the top at night:

View from Elephant Mountain

We didn’t join because my husband doesn’t like hiking, and I am keeping myself from being too tired. So instead, we went to Xinyi Shopping District to just walk around and meet them later for dinner.

Tried guava ice cream 🙂

While in the area, we took a peek inside the posh Bellavita Mall.  Hopefully, we can explore the food options next time 🙂


We had dinner at the basement of Breeze Center Xinyi, since I wanted them to try 點點心 Dimdimsum, dimsum restaurant from Hong Kong.  It claims to be part of the 101 places to eat in the world.


We lined up early… and the hikers arrived just in time!
Food was good – my husband thinks that the food was good too but not good enough to have such a long queue…Hehehe 🙂


Good food, good company! Thank God for this weekend 🙂


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