Day 17: Welcome, Visitor!

Food trip day with our mystery visitor a.k.a my sister!

Lunch at Yayoi (special thanks to our aunt and cousin for the treat!)

Shilin Night Market for the second time this month.  Tried more street food this time.


Waded our way through the crowd to try these!

(1) Banana Roti

(Taiwanese sausage stand was just for photo 🙂 )

(2) Jipai – seaweed flavor


(3) Egg Tarts in different flavors (we tried the original one)

(4)  Stinky tofu


(4)  Ay Chung Rice Flour Noodles

(Read that this as a must try in Ximending but we weren’t able to try it then because of the long queue and we were already full. Happy to chanced upon it in Shilin and it didn’t disappoint. 🙂 )

(5)  Grilled mushrooms in lemon and pepper


We were full and called it a day!


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