Day 16: How many?

Today, at 4 pm, we will know how many of the 11 eggs are fertilized by calling the IVF lab.  Aside from preparing for the result, I also have to prepare how to ask about it over the phone in Mandarin.  On Saturday, we will know at 11:30 AM when the embryo transfer will be – whether it will be on Sunday or Tuesday.

I asked Annie to give me a script on how to ask about those in Mandarin.

For Friday: About how many eggs fertilized
  • 我是菲律賓病人 <NAME> (病歷號碼: <Patient Number>)  I am Filipino patient <name> with patient number <number>.
  • 我昨天取卵 (qu3 luan3)。請問我有幾顆卵子有成功受精?  I had my ovum pick up yesterday.  May I know how many eggs are successfully fertilized?
For Saturday:  For finding out your transfer time:
  • 請問我的植入時間是什麼時候?  May I know when my embryo transfer will be?

I’m praying for healthy embryos and for the Lord to prepare me for whatever result.  May God be gracious on us!  He knows what’s best and He’s the giver of life!

Remembered to take the medications after breakfast.  Skipped the pain reliever because I’m feeling 100% fine now! One less medicine to take.  Thank God for a speedy recovery.


Here’s my 420kcal sesame noodles for lunch. Our third time to eat at 八方 Dumplings 🙂

2:23 PM.  While waiting for 4 PM, I will backtrack a bit and make blog entries for the first part of our stay here.  No use to be anxious about the results, right?  God is in control.


It’s 4:01 PM.  Called the IVF Lab, delivered my script, and the lady on the other line said :  十一顆。11.

I asked – 都受精?All of them fertilized? 對。Correct.

Wow.  11 out of 11.  Perfect score!

We have eleven embryos!  11 chances to have a baby.

And she continued on to say that my embryo transfer will be on Tuesday, September 27, at 9 AM.   I don’t need to wait until tomorrow, 11:30 am to know about the schedule of my transfer.  It seems that all the eggs are very good, that’s why the transfer is on Tuesday! 🙂

I thank God for the very good results at this point.  When we had our minimal stimulation IVF in Manila, out of the 3 eggs, 3 were fertilized also.  But sadly, all transfers were not successful, thus, we are here in Taipei.  As to how many of the 11 embryos will survive, it’s another story, and it’s all up to Him!


Tonight’s dinner was at Mo’s Burger.  Been wanting to try this burger chain that’s almost everywhere here in Taipei.  Didn’t know that what we ordered where rice buns and that the set meal comes with chicken nuggets (I thought they were mojos from the photo)! The picture was so small that we didn’t notice and I had a hard time reading the menu except for the parts whether the patty is chicken, beef, or seafood.  And I didn’t attention to the set meal inclusions. I was wondering why there is 珍珠 or pearl (like milk tea pearls) in the name of their burgers. And so it turns out that those with  珍珠 or pearl are rice buns.  Well, it was nice to try their (rice) burgers!

Where a waiting period ends, another starts. 🙂 4 days before my embryo transfer!  In the meantime, I can still go out and explore the city until Monday. 🙂  Just in time for my sister’s visit this weekend. 🙂


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