Day 15: OPU Day

This is it! First of the two major procedures – our ovum pick up  (OPU) day.

I was on fast for today’s procedure.  Was not allowed to eat or drink anything after 12 am, and this was to keep me from vomiting as a side effect of the anaesthesia for today’s operation.  I didn’t feel hungry at all.  In fact, I felt bloated, maybe because of the hormone changes and the 9 big eggs I had then.

People in the 7th floor of the Gospel Building (Fu Yin) do not speak English that much so we were happy to have Annie again to assist us with the registration at the Operating Room.

I was asked to be at the Operating Room at 8 am, and we got there a little over 8 🙂  I registered with the help of Annie, then I changed to the hospital garments and waited for my turn.  Yes, waiting time again.  While waiting, I was praying and observing people around me.  Praying that my procedure would go well and that I would not experience the adverse effects of the anaesthesia like vomiting, and praying for the other patients.

There were two toddlers to be operated on that day.  The nurses were entertaining them until they were ready to be brought to the operating room without crying for their mommies. Poor babies – I said prayers for their successful operation and recovery.  The nurses were calling the patients one by one and asking them questions.  I was listening so that I would know what to answer when it would be my turn.

The nurse asked a lady something like this:  你上洗手間了嗎?

The lady said: 上過了。

Oh… that’s another way of answering the question.  I would have answered, 完了。But when it was my turn to be asked, I used 上過了 like the lady 🙂 Trying to learn as much Mandarin as I can too while we are here.

At around 9:20 my name was called, and I was escorted to the operating room.  The staff were relieved that I could speak a little Mandarin.  I was asked my name and birthday, and the nurse asked, “How did you learn Mandarin?”  I just answered, “I studied it before.” Hehe… lame, obvious answer.  They asked me about my weight and height, but I gave the information in pounds and feet. Apparently they’re not used to pounds and feet.  They were laughing about having to convert them to kilos and centimeters, and that their math was bad.  They asked me if I have allergies to any medication, and if I had ever had surgery.  I said I had hysteroscopy – which they didn’t understand and I didn’t know how to say in Mandarin.  Until one said in Mandarin it sounded like “hysterectomy” but it’s not.  I said in Mandarin, yes definitely it’s not “hysterectomy!” (checked Google translate and hysteroscopy is 宫腔镜 – now I know 🙂

I was asked if I vomited the last time I had my surgery and given anaesthesia, and I said yes.  Actually I was more anxious about having the anaesthesia than the procedure itself.  I do not like the feeling of helplessness and lacking control over my senses.  So I was given general anaesthesia via IV, and for a moment the voices around me softened, then faded, and I was asleep.  The next thing I knew, I woke up at around 11 am at the recovery room.  I opened my eyes and tried to sleep again because I was afraid I would vomit again like the last time.

醒了嗎?Are you awake?  A nurse asked.

醒了。我可以起來了嗎?Yes, may I get up now?

And the nurse helped me sit up.  Then there were my husband and Annie coming through the steel doors of the recovery room in pink hospital robes.

While I was asleep / operated on  –  my husband spoke to Dr. Lee, settled the bill and got my medication.  Dr. Lee was able to get 11 eggs, according to my husband.  Thank God for the 11 eggs!  Two days ago there were supposed to be only 9 based on the ultrasound.  So apparently, 2 more caught up and was ready to be retrieved as well.  We were asked to bring 56,000 NTD for the procedure, but we ended up just paying about 52,000 NTD. Hurray for extra savings!

After changing clothes, all I had to do was to have my consultation regarding the medication and have my injection (on the butt this time and not on the tummy).  I was feeling alright that we walked home and didn’t take a cab anymore.

I was advised to drink a little water first before eating anything. And that I shouldn’t eat too much.

So this is what we had for lunch! To avoid the queue, we ordered sushi for take out at a nearby Japanese restaurant Hamasushi.


My favorite food after a long morning at the hospital!

Took a long nap in the afternoon and woke up to prepare dinner.


Remembered to take some oral medicine after lunch.  Had to review the instructions carefully because some needed to be taken twice, thrice or four times a day.

These are all my post OPU medication.

I forgot to take medicine after dinner until my husband reminded me!  Could this be the effect of the anaethesia?  So now, I still awake, waiting for some time to take the medicine before bedtime, since I took the once for dinner late.  I hope my liver would be fine despite all these medication.

I thank God for another day.  His grace is sufficient! 🙂 Praying for good results in the coming days.


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