Day 14: No Injection Day & CKS Memorial

No 8 am doctor’s appointment today!  No injections too!  We woke up late and had time to prepare for lunch.

Panfried salmon and stir-fried pumpkin with mushroom.  Here’s a tour of our kitchen.

Last photo shows our cupboard filled with basic supplies – salt, pepper, oil, fried shallots (since we don’t want to chop fresh garlic and onions for cooking anymore). We have some canned fish that we found interesting to try when we went to City Super in Sogo last weekend.

Late in the afternoon, we went to CKS Memorial to see what it’s like at night.  Last July when we went there, it was in the morning before our first ever doctor’s appointment in Mackay, and it was scorching hot.  Tonight, the weather was cool like Manila’s cold December evenings.  We both love taking photos so we took our time in coming up with our best shots of the place.  One of our most memorable date nights in Taipei!


Chanced upon the flag lowering ceremony at around 6 PM


Tried the jianbao right outside Minquan MRT Station Exit 1.  Then had dinner at Sabrina House near KT Apartment.  Probably our second western dinner so far.

I thank God for this day of rest and a nice, leisurely and quiet walk around CKS Memorial.  Tomorrow’s a big day – my OPU! 🙂 Praying for healthy eggs and sperms, and healthy embryos too!


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