Day 13: Last Day of Injections

This was the longest time so far we spent in the hospital.  We were there since 8:20 in the morning for my ultrasound and consultation.  My ovum pick up is set on Thursday, 8 AM, and Dr. Lee said the procedure itself, wherein he will get 9 eggs from me, will just take 10-15 minutes, but around 2 hours for my recovery from anaesthesia.

Ultrasound -> Consultation -> Go to another clinic for prescription -> Payment -> Blood Test -> Pharmacy -> have 1 injection (Menopur) -> anaesthesia consultation -> done before 12 nn ->  3 more injections at 10 PM

We used our free afternoon to go to Taipei Main Station to look for abalone & scallop sauce at Shin Kong Mistukoshi Supermarket.  That’s where we bought it last July and it turns out it’s not available in other supermarkets we’ve been to.  That brand carries other interesting flavors. 🙂

Tried out this organic dark chocolate too. 🙂

Had dinner in a Japanese restaurant nearby, just because I saw the restaurant in a blog on where to eat in Taipei Main Station.  Regretted my choice. Should have tried something else 🙂

Taipei Main Station

After dinner, we dropped by the apartment to get my refrigerated medication, and headed to the hospital for my 10 PM injection.

The hospital at night

Enjoyed the late night stroll going back home.

Suanglien Presbyterian Church
Choosing what to have for midnight snack at the 24 hour mini night market near our apartment
Tried Taiwanese sausage at last.  Not salty!
Last 3 shots! (My tummy is quite big – makes the injections less painful actually 🙂

Thank you, Lord, that I have completed all the injections and that my body responded to the medication well.  I thank God for His provision, protection, and for another day in Taipei!  🙂


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