Day 12: Not So Manic Monday

It was a beautiful Monday!  This was the day I thought about making a blog to journal what I have been going through in Taipei.  So I spent some time writing the “About” section of this blog.

So that’s what I did after coming home from the hospital – start this blog.

On this day we learned that our OPU (ovum pick up) day would be on Thursday, and not Wednesday.  Embryo transfer will be 3-5 days later.  I had the usual Gonal-F injection and then a shot of Menopur to keep the two bigger eggs from popping.  We arrived at the hospital at 8:45 AM so we finished later than usual.  No time to cook anymore so we just bought food from the vegetarian buffet near the hospital on our way home.


I thank God for a weekend with family and friends, and for today, rest day.  It was a quiet day to reflect and just rest – do normal daily stuff like cleaning and doing the laundry.

We can see Taipei 101 from our building! Sorting through pictures for documentation.

Late in the afternoon, we went out for some errands.  Went to the grocery to buy drinking water and to the nearby bake shop to buy cake for my cousin’s birthday.  We walked around the neighborhood and learned that Tatung University has a really beautiful building nicely lit up at night!   We also checked out the nearby Filipino grocery store, and then headed home.

Our aunt and cousin were coming to the apartment to celebrate my cousin’s birthday with us.  So while waiting for them, I thought of coming up with a simple birthday poster to be flashed on our TV to surprise my cousin.  (She was surprised!)

In Taiwan, my cousin said, it is the friends who treats the birthday celebrator for a meal and not the other way around! But we are Filipinos so it was my cousin who treated us for dinner.  My aunt cooked yummy Filipino style spaghetti with hotdogs for my cousin’s mini birthday celebration in our apartment! 🙂  Just like how we would celebrate our birthdays during the good old times – with spaghetti and cake.  Nostalgic moment.

We owe our cousin a treat to celebrate her birthday the Taiwanese way. 🙂





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