Day 9: Jiufen and Shilin Night Market

After going to the hospital to have my injection, we went straight to the MRT Station where we planned to catch the bus going to Jiufen.  But since it was the long weekend, the buses were full and we had to rent a car for 300 NTD each person, 1 way*.  There were 5 of us.  Although we are just going to one destination and we won’t be using up the 10 hours, we should just have booked a van for 3500 for 10 hours, as my aunt recommended.   Noted!

Read about how to get to Jiufen here.  I wish I’ve read this just in time for our trip.  *We fell to this trap I guess: “There may be some touts claiming the bus a) is not running or b) comes every 2 hours or c) takes 2 hours to reach Jiufen and to take their taxi, ignore them of course!” (From Wikitravel.Org)

Trap or not, we enjoyed the trip.  Random photos from today’s trip to Jiufen and Shilin Night Market.  It was fun to be out with relatives – helped me not to worry about upcoming procedures and just enjoy the moment!



Seafood at Shilin Food Court



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