Day 7: 1 Week in Taipei

We had our second appointment with Doctor Lee at 2 in the afternoon.  After the ultrasound, I had my consultation.  It was still too early to know how many eggs will be retrieved, but so far, so good.  Eggs growing as they should.  Injections were Gonal-F (Rita combined the remaining ones I had) and another one, Cetrotide.  Had the second injection in the Injection Room.

Outside the ultrasound room

There was a typhoon in Taiwan, but in Taipei, it was just strong winds and almost no rain.  Our cousin got off from work early because the next day was the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend.  We stayed at apartment to watch a movie.

Had dinner at the newly opened Japanese restaurant nearby, Hamasushi.  The queue was long and we were so happy to finally have our turn.



Saw this encouraging prayer in one of the infertility groups I belong to in Facebook

A Prayer When You Are Waiting

My Father,

I know I am impatient, so prone to worry, to give up, to lose hope.  Help me to rest in Your promises today.  In this season of waiting, renew my joy in this moment so that I do not miss Your presence in this place.  Thank you for being with me and for never giving up on me.  Thank you for always working for my good and for Your glory even when I can’t see it.  

In Jesus Name, 




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