Day 3: First Injection & Ximending

The first of the many injections started today.  We were at the hospital around 8:30 am, got the medicine from the pharmacy with the help of Jenny from the international service desk, and brought the medicine to the IVF lab.  We met Rita there, Dr. Lee’s assistant nurse who speaks English, and she taught me how to use the Gonal-F pen for injection.


So those fats in my tummy were put to good use!  The pen was easy to use.  I just have to sanitize it and my tummy as well, turn the indicator to the correct dosage, hold the injection like a pen, take a deep breath, point the injection to my tummy about 90 degrees, inject on my tummy (left or right side below the belly button), press the button til the end, count 1 to 5, then remove the injection as quickly as possible.  (I tried to remove it a little bit slower and it bled 😀 )  It is not painful at all.  Thanks to all those fats.

250 IU each time for 2 days, 150 IU each time for another 2 days, then based on my ultrasound results, Dr. Lee would adjust the dosage accordingly.

We finished early in the hospital.  We headed back to the apartment to refrigerate the rest of the medicine.  I was given two boxes of Gonal-F.

It was raining but since we already had an umbrella, we went to Ximending via MRT.  The nearest station to us is Zhongshan Elementary 中山國小, yellow line.

西門町 Ximending is like the Harajuku or Shibuya of Taiwan, they say.  This is the area where most (young) tourists actually book their hotels.  Lots of stores and street foods, but not as many as in Shilin Night Market, the biggest night market in Taipei.



1973 sells jipai – they have a long queue right in front of their store.  We settled for the the Japanese restaurant we first saw.  (not in the photo)
Wire keychains and other stuff
It rained harder in the afternoon, so we went inside Eslite department store to look around.


We headed home late in the afternoon and got off at MRT Minquan West Road Station, another station near our apartment but on the red line.

We were tired from walking that we settled for this restaurant near the apartment because it looked comfortable inside 🙂  Perfume Dance, interesting name for a restaurant.  The food was nice too.  The music though didn’t match the interior of the restaurant.

It was a fun, rainy, first Saturday in Taipei! 🙂


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