Day 2: Our Neighborhood

Today was our first consultation with Dr. Lee.  We walked towards Zhongshan Road and took a bus to the next stop where Mackay Memorial Hospital is.  We could actually just walk but we didn’t want to be late.


We arrived at Mackay Memorial Hospital in less than 10 minutes.


This was our first consultation for this cycle.  I had my first TVS in Mackay.  It was quite tricky to get a slot for ultrasound since there were many patients, so thankful that Annie was there to assist us the whole time.

I also had a mock embryo transfer or sounding, so that the doctor would know where to place the embryo.  This was not done in the IVF clinic in Manila.

Waited for Dr. Lee to give me prescriptions. Settled our bill at the International Service Desk, but would get to injections the next day since they need to be stored in a cool place, and my injections wouldn’t start until then anyway.

We were done by around 10:30!  We decided to walk back going home.  We would always walk home from then on, since it only takes not more than 15 minutes.  The only time we didn’t walk home was when there was a typhoon and we had to take a cab.

We ate at a vegetarian restaurant just one street away from the hospital.  It was our first time to eat in a vegetarian buffet so we observed and asked how we go about ordering food.

The lady used a box for take out 外帶. For dine-in 內用, we should have used a paper plate.
The payment is based on the weight of whatever food you get. 🙂  There’s a separate area to get rice, and that’s 10 NTD per cup.  They have congee, white rice and red rice to choose from.

After lunch, we walked around our neighborhood.  It was a rainy afternoon so we had to buy an umbrella.  We took our time to explore a nearby mini-department store called SL to buy household stuff that we needed.

Walking through the alleys and found this Lu Tong Bahay – but no sign of Filipino food inside
The night market just a block away from our apartment!


Bakery just around the corner where we bought some bread for breakfast

In the evening, we met with our relatives for dinner.  One of the best dinners ever in this small dumpling place! Love the potstickers and dumplings 八方雲集 or 8-ways Dumpling House.  It is located in the same street where the night market is, just on the other side of the road.


The menu doesn’t show the prices but the KCAL.  Interesting!  Prices are shown in the order form to be filled out, and payment is upon ordering.
Order is by piece.  Here’s our assorted potstickers…
…and dumplings!
My noodles in peanut sauce (I think)

Wow!  We were very full.  Ended the evening with milk tea 🙂

Tried my cousin’s favorite milk tea place 50嵐 (lan2)

Lots of places to eat in our neighborhood!  We really won’t go hungry here 🙂


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