Day 1: Welcome to Taiwan!


We arrived safely at Taoyuan Airport before 3 in the afternoon.  Excited for the food, places, quality time, rest, vacation, and successful treatment, of course!

Prior to going to the immigration counter, we had our money exchanged to pay for our apartment upon arrival.  We paid in cash to save on 500 NTD 🙂

After immigration, we headed to the bus counter to ask where our nearest bus stop would be.  We were advised to take a 1961 bus to MRT Minquan West Road Station.  We got off somewhere along Zhongshan Street, walked towards Minquan Road intersection with our two large suitcases in tow, asked around for directions, and, whew, finally found KT Apartment, our home in Taipei for the next 24 days.

Our 1961 bus details here.

An alternative bus to take would be 1841.  It seems to have more stops.  Stop would be at Minquan Zhongshan Intersection, before MRT Minquan West Road Station.  Details here.

Our aunt and cousin met us at the apartment and took us out for dinner. 🙂

Our first dinner:  Our aunt’s favorite Hong Kong style food.  Loved everything, especially the salted egg yolk squid! 🙂

My appointment with Dr. Lee was set the next day, when he estimated would be my Day 1.  If my period did not start yet, we would have to reschedule.

Thankfully, my period came that night of our first day in Taipei.  My Day 1 was September 8. Just in time.

Time to sleep!

We thanked God for the safe trip, His provision, our relatives here, family and friends praying for us, and His perfect timing!

My reflections for my Bible reading today:

I’ve just finished the book of Ruth and my quiet time tonight is 1 Samuel 1 and 2 – the story of hannah! I believe it’s not a coincidence that the Lord is encouraging me through her story on our first day in Taipei!  Hannah is one of the famous women in the Bible who pleaded the Lord to give her a baby.

1)  When discouraged, pour out our hearts to the Lord as Hannah did. (1:15)

2)  God is not deaf to the prayers and pleas of those are hurting (1:19-20)

3)  His timing is perfect (1:20) “in due time”

4)  Hannah named her son “Samuel,” which means “I asked the Lord for him.” There are things I receive but I don’t exactly pray for, and I thank the Lord for those!  He provides for my needs and so much more.  But what joy it is to receive what we have asked the Lord for! So don’t give up abiding in Him and praying to Him for our petitions – not just about baby but in many other areas in life, and including praying for others too.

4)  The Lord is worthy to be praised (2:10)

Makes me wonder if our journey this time would have the same result as Hannah’s, but I need not worry, for God is with me! I should be satisfied with what I have, and fully submit to the Lord’s will as we pursue our desire to have a baby.

Learning to turn every worry to a prayer,

Zara’s Mommy


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