Taipei July 2016: Mackay, CKS Memorial and Taipei 101

After learning that our 3rd FET (frozen embryo transfer) failed, we immediately arranged an appointment for our initial assessment at Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, and booked our flights and accommodations.  We really intended to have a vacation should the 3rd FET be negative, so this trip was also a vacation for us.

Our doctor’s appointment would be until at 2 pm in the afternoon.  In the morning, we first went to C.K.S. Memorial, which was just two stops away from MRT Shuanglian (Mackay Memorial) Station.




There was an exhibit on Hans Anderson Children Illustrator Awardees, so we went inside as well while we were already in the area.


We went back to Shuanglian for lunch and spotted a restaurant with beef noodles, one of my husband’s favorite food.


After lunch we went to the hospital.  We were not advised to go to the international service desk at the ground floor in our last email correspondence with Mackay, so we headed directly to the doctor’s clinic.  We managed to register as first time patients on our own with some directions in Mandarin from the nurse.  Annie, the English-speaking liaison from the international desk later on found us and everything went smoothly from then on. 🙂

The only tests missing then were AMH (checks ovarian reserve) and HSG (X-ray of ovaries).  I brought an earlier report (2012 ) of what I though was my HSG but it turned  out it was HSSG.  It showed that I might have possible polyps, so this needed verification before the procedure. AMH is by blood test, so I had it done that same afternoon. Results would come out two weeks later.  The earliest time we could have the IVF treatment would be on September.

That’s Mackay as viewed from the 4th floor of Starbucks, and across was our hotel (Shin-Shih Hotel).  Our hotel was very near – right across the hospital’s emergency room. But I wish we did not book the cheapest and nearest hotel. 🙂 We get what we pay for 😀 Our rooms though cleaned daily did not look clean, maybe because the carpets and the curtains were dirty…

We finished early at the hospital, around 4 pm.  Our next stop was Taipei 101 🙂


Where we had dinner


We walked towards Eslite Bookstore in Xinyi and spent quite some time there.  That’s now one of my favorite places in Taipei! 🙂






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